a garden room is a place where you can relax, where you feel at ease, a place where you can do stuff for you ;)

We love green! Both in- and outside our home.

Our favorite room in the house is our 'garden room', this is the room where indoor meets outdoor.

Think a lot of plants, a lot of windows, a lot of light.


This is the room where inspiration floats, where ideas meet, where designs are considered, where art is made.


This is the atmosphere we represent, so our name was easily found.


We love interiors with a touch of travel and a lot of plants.

We love our gardens natural, with a lot of flowers and a lot of bees and butterflies.


In our web shop you can find interior items, wall art etc.

All items to create your own 'garden room'

If an item is vintage, this is clearly noted in the description.


I guess the 'inspiration corner' doesn't need explanation...


If you want something special or some help, check out what we offer in the 'services' section or contact us.








items we love, art and plants!